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NGS data analysis platforms offer essential capabilities to bioinformaticians, but they are frustratingly slow and inefficient. Developing workflows requires time-consuming command line programming, while extracting useful data from tabular results usually means PERL scripting. Likewise, most bioanalytics platforms make importing new tools a pain, and force extra steps for frequently needed tasks like loops, conditionals, and nesting. On top of all this, executing workflows is painfully slow.


BioDT was designed specifically to address these inefficiencies. Traditional command line programming is fully available, but can be circumvented, if desired, by using a drag and drop interface to create and edit workflows. BioDT also replaces the need for PERL scripting since tabular results can be queried in real time with simple commands. BioDT also employs a unique execution engine which, combined with the built-in Hadoop® Big Data analysis architecture, segments both workflows and data and then executes these segments in parallel. The result is an increase in analysis speed of up to 100 fold. So instead of waiting weeks for results, they are provided in hours or minutes.


BioDT simplifies many other tasks. The platform comes with over 200 popular tools already integrated, including many from the Galaxy and Broad libraries. And, since BioDT is open source, it can quickly and easily accommodate new tools. Further, with BioDT, creating nested workflows, loops, or conditionals is a drag and a drop away.  All in all, BioDT delivers not only speed, but efficiency.

The BioDTAdvantage

Drag & Drop

With BioDT, you can work with the familiar Command Line Interface or, if you so choose, circumvent it with drag-and-drop workflow creation and editing. Don’t worry, if you go the latter route, the resultant command line code is still there and readily accessible.

Advanced Table Manipulation

BioDT permits queries of tabular results simply by entering values for searching, filtering or grouping. No PERL scripting required.

Open Platform

BioDT supports many of the pipelines and over 200 tools already in common use, including many from Galaxy and GATK. Moreover, new tools are easily added. BioDT employs the standard Galaxy XML approach to importing tools, and enhances it with a configuration template that makes it easy to set parameters for even the most complex tools.

Nested Workflows, Loops, & Conditionals

BioDT makes it easy to set up these previously complex and tedious tasks. Now, running through all files within a folder or looping through a set of tools until a quality threshold is reached is just a click away.

Hadoop Architecture

BioDT is the first NGS platform to leverage the power of Hadoop to increase analysis speed by up to 100x.

Flexible Product Options

BioDT is available as a usage-based cloud service or as software installed in your own data center.

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