About Us

The Need for Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis. With the advent of advanced genomics and biomedical research, applications for mRNAseq and whole transcriptome sequencing, as well as other –omics analyses, are rising dramatically. These applications include research into new classes of pharmaceuticals, enhanced cancer treatments, new antibiotics, personalized medicine and biofuels. To address these burgeoning projects as productively and cost-effectively as possible, bioscientists, bioinformaticians, and laboratory researchers require rapid, robust and easy-to-use analysis tools capable of handling the associated large quantities of data.


NGS Analysis Platforms Found Wanting. Yet when a team of some of the world’s most experienced computational biologists went searching for a specialized, powerful yet easy to use NGS data analysis platform, they were surprised to discover that none met their needs. They found analysis tools scattered among innumerable sources—many unreliable and difficult to work with. They found platforms with inadequate speed, complex yet inflexible user interfaces, inscrutable results, and a lack of collaboration support. These shortcomings, the biologists knew, would result in higher costs and delays in potential breakthroughs.


Introducing BioDT™. To address these inadequacies, the team decided to create its own software platform; one that would improve research productivity through an intuitive interface, visualization capability, accelerated analysis times, and web-based collaboration between researchers. Today, the platform is called BioDT.




Join Our Community. By joining the BioDT community, you can learn more about BioDatomics and BioDT, stay apprised of product release and enhancement information, receive white papers on the changing nature of big data analysis in the bioresearch and bioinformatics community, and learn how to obtain BioDT in either its free Community version, BioDT Pro, or the cloud-based BioDT SaaS.