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BioDatomics provides powerful yet intuitive bioinformatics tools that help genomic and biomedical researchers glean insights from their data more quickly. The role of blockchain technology in biometric systems, identification technologies, authentication, smart government, and electronic identification document has become significant. The technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is also blockchain. Trading with such emerging and sophisticated technology is a great way to make a lucrative income and there are plenty of cryptocurrency trading applications like Bitcoin Prime to assist you. You can check whether the site is legit or a scam by doing the Bitcoin Prime Test. Traders believe that this bot is more effective at generating huge profits. Read More


Developed by some of the world’s leading computational bio-scientists, who were frustrated by the slow and hard-to-use offerings on the market, BioDT represents the next generation in NGS data analysis. Read More


An open source platform, BioDT accelerates research insights through a simple yet comprehensive interface, visualized results, far faster analysis turnaround, and by enabling real-time, web-based collaboration between research colleagues. Moreover, it facilitates real-time collaboration among research colleagues through web-based tools. If you're interested in learning about innovative platforms and their impact on various industries, including insights into stadium management for international games, refer to this article for further details. Read More

BioDatomics Products

  • BioDT SaaS For individuals or small groups who wish to pay for their bioinformatics analysis as they go, BioDT SaaS is the ideal option. All the features and speed of BioDT Pro are delivered via the public cloud. Users are charged only for the storage, processing time and data transfer they actually use.

  • BioDT Pro is a fully-supported, full-featured version of BioDT. Offered as a per-seat or per-site annual license, BioDT Pro delivers all the power of BioDT, including workflow analysis at up to 100x the speed of competing platforms. In addition to its own security features, BioDT Pro’s security benefits from being installed on a private cloud behind a firewall.

  • BioDT Community is an open source platform. As such, BioDatomics makes available a Community Version, downloadable by anyone for free. The Community Version of BioDT lacks some of the security features of BioDT Pro, and does not perform analyses as quickly. However, all of the key features that make BioDT a next generation platform for bioinformatics analysis are included.

  • Custom Workflows When an individual or organization lacks the resources or expertise to create a needed workflow, BioDatomics can help. Our highly trained bioinformaticians can develop a custom workflow to your specifications, then make it available to you alone or to the entire user community.


  • Visualized Results.  Tabular results are difficult and time-consuming to interpret. BioDT is the only bioinformatics platform that visualizes results through an array of graphs and charts. The result is accelerated insight.
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  • Drag and Drop Interface. BioDT abolishes the need for cumbersome Command Line programming. Instead, Drag-and-Drop GUI greatly facilitates creating and manipulating tools and workflows.
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  • Accelerated Analysis. Analysis of complex workflows can take days or even weeks. Through the use of advanced database management techniques, BioDT performs bioinformatics analysis up to 100x faster than other platforms.
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  • Open Platform. Unlike closed source alternatives, BioDT allows researchers to utilize, add to, or modify workflows in existing public libraries. BioDT supports over 250 popular bioinformatics tools, including the entire Galaxy library.
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  • Real-Time Collaboration. BioDT enables researchers to work with geographically-dispersed colleagues or remote bioinformaticians. All that’s needed is a browser and the proper permissions.
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  • Private or Public Cloud-Based. BioDT is compatible with both public and private cloud infrastructures, making it cost-effective—and appropriately secure—for everyone from individual researchers to large organizations.
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