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Gaining access to NGS data isn’t the problem. What you need are answers to the questions you are posing—and raw data is just the starting point. NGS data analysis platforms are meant to help, but can be a challenge. Using them to create or edit workflows often requires specialized skills or the support of bioinformaticians. Furthermore, turnaround times can take weeks, results are indecipherable without still more analysis, and collaborating with colleagues is inefficient. All of which slows down the entire research process and reduces productivity.


A more intuitive and powerful user interface can greatly simplify both setting up and deciphering the results from workflows. And harnessing the power of the Hadoop® Big Data analysis engine can dramatically shorten turnaround times. This is the BioDT experience. Invented by a molecular biologist, BioDT not only shortens analysis times up to 100-fold, it adds new capabilities specifically designed to increase your productivity.


You need not be a bioinformatician to reap the benefits of BioDT. You can continue to use your favorite analysis tools, including those from Galaxy and Broad. You can build your own workflows without command line programming, and view your results as graphs or searchable tables without PERL scripting. You can even collaborate with geographically-dispersed colleagues in real team—a first. All in all, BioDT delivers more than just speed—it increases productivity.

The BioDTAdvantage

Open Platform

As a completely open platform, BioDT supports many of the pipelines and toolsets already in common use by researchers—and new ones are easily added.

Data Visualization

Rather than inscrutable tables, BioDT provides results visualization that make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Real Time Collaboration

You and your colleagues—wherever they may be—can work together in real time on the same workflow. You can see each other’s changes, and BioDT logs everything.

Drag & Drop Interface

No need for command line programming or bioinformatician support for standard tasks. BioDT includes a simple drag and drop interface, so biologists themselves can take control of data analysis.

Hadoop Architecture

BioDT is the first NGS platform to leverage the power of Hadoop to increase analysis speed by up to 100x.

Flexible Product Options

BioDT is available as a usage-based cloud service or as software installed in your own data center.

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