Welcome to BioDatomics where very soon we will offering the latest in bioinformatics software that could revolutionize your bio-research programs by giving scientists and researchers an analysis toolkit containing over 400 tools that can analyze data from the most advanced NGS research programs in progress and being planned today. Some of the world's most experienced computational biologists have spent years developing the functionality of this platform and making it a comprehensive solution. 

We are confident that our software will deliver on our promise; to Deepen Your Discovery.

Who Are We?

BioDatomics is a cutting-edge software design company in the field of omics sciences research. We produce the World’s most advanced analysis software for many types of computational biology, genetic sequencing and other DNA methods. Our platform was built around the BioUML Platform which has undergone years of careful development and been in operation as an Open Source platform and available commercially for over 5 years.

How It Works

Our integrated analysis platform combines the latest visualization and methods with powerful servers, proprietary 10x speed internet transfer protocols and an unrivaled 40 Gbit/sec data speed. This translates into advanced computational and analytic power, carefully focused on providing fast, in-depth data analysis; all delivered to the desktops of those working on the most advanced research projects in the field of omics sciences.

What We Offer

The challenge has been to successfully integrate the many tools and methods into a single ergonomic platform that performs advanced modeling, analysis and visualizations bringing the data collected from any number of devices tools and methods into a usable and easily accessible, collaborative environment. We offer the latest in omics analysis software, simplicity of use, high speed data delivery and comprehensive functionality.