The Different BioDatomics Configurations

Full Server Implementation to Client Site

Our first tier service is a full implementation to a dedicated server. It provides access to data and analyses methods installed on the server side for BioUML clients (workbench and web edition) via the Internet. BioDatomics can be loaded completely to a server that can support large numbers of users and will allow the management of extremely large data sets. The server acts as a central point for numerous client workstations and can support a phenomenal research workload. 

To achieve full functionality and connect to the server, users will need an AJAX-enabled web browser or access to the Workstation Version. (See Below)

All software and data will be stored on the customer’s computers. This offers the opportunity for a smooth upgrade path as the customer can expand their infrastructure gradually to meet increasing resource demands; 
 Significant performance improvement compared to the desktop version, and if installed on state-of-the-art HP Cluster technologies, the speed can be further significantly increased. 

The customer will have to purchase their own hardware and data storage facilities.
Customer would have to purchase installation and maintenance services; this would include regular hardware maintenance, updates, backups and data integrity and would typically require the services of a dedicated System Administrator.

BioDatomics can provide all the necessary services to operate our platform and if required, provide storage and operating hardware too; we offer a reliable and 99.99% available system that offers extremely fast data provision using specially developed proprietary compression protocols at 10x the speed currently available from any other service delivering bio-data over the Internet.

Workstation Version

The workstation-only configuration means your workstations can work as standalone systems, or function as “thick” clients for the BioUML Server. This is ideal where there are many researchers studying shared data in collaborative research - even when at different locations.

No internet connection required
Can be setup on desktops and laptops
Can use locally stored data as well as data stored on our servers which have capacities up to 500 Terabytes

No High performance Computation functionality without connection to a BioUML server (not enough computing power available in a workstation) there will be a limited number of available data analysis methods. Because the local workstation cannot compete performance-wise with the server, many computational aspects cannot be performed in a reasonable amount of time or within the memory or other bandwidth constraints of a workstation, therefore reducing the number of types of functions available to the user.

Hosted Version (SaaS)

To provide complete functionality and advanced processing and data transfer speeds achievable we can provide access to an optimized version of BioUML on our servers. Our hardware and software configuration together with the extended functionality provided by our data storage partners, is the most powerful way to realize the full high-speed data access and computational capabilities of the BioUML platform and make it easily available over existing network connections while enjoying the benefits of extremely efficient compression algorithms specifically developed for raw data of the omics sciences research, providing up to 10 times faster data transfer speeds – we can shift data at a stunning 40Gbits/Sec almost five times faster than other analysis platforms. Our software was developed on these servers and can offer a much faster time to discovery for many intensive methods, therefore reducing research costs and a quicker time to market for commercial product research applications such as in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Client can start using it immediately, requiring only an easy registration process that only takes a few minutes to complete. As standard we provide a 2 week trial but for those who have the need to take a little longer to try out the wide functionality of BioDatomics we can easily extend the trial period upon request.  A trial account can subsequently be converted to a regular account any time by simply contacting our Customer Service Dept [Link Here to customer service Dept contact details on the “Contact Us” page].
Access to highly optimized hardware configuration. Which includes multiple nodes with a huge 256 GB of fast-access RAM, GPU enabled nodes, SSD caching of actively used data which provides further process acceleration, nodes connected to a central data storage facility by Infiniband, one of the world’s fastest data access (40 GBs) systems available that has the benefits of scalar architecture and a low latency fabric. Infiniband is designed specifically for high-performance computing systems and retains predictable and a constant low latency even when running at 90% data traffic capacity. This reliability ensures that everyone working on a system attached to our hardware can receive an unparalleled level of performance and data processing service.
No investment in infrastructure required by the customer – we have all the equipment except for the devices used to access the server at the user end such as laptops, desktops or workstations.
No need to administer hardware and perform software updates. New Versions will be available for deployment immediately after development
We will provide complete, incremental backups of all data we store, which can usually be restored to the server in a matter of hours 
We offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee because we use advanced technologies and fail-safes in our systems maintaining integrity of data through the latest RAID 5 (50) or RAID 6 (60) systems. Depending upon the configuration this would include mirrored or cluster storage architectures such as CEPH, MooseFS or SheepDog)
A huge 40Gbit/Sec can be transferred using our proprietary protocol which provides a 10 speed accelerated transfer rate via the Internet; .
Only a single data upload is required so that all collaborators can have easy access to the full data on our server – downloading at the same phenomenal 10 x transfer speeds!
Collaborators can all use our powerful servers to run complex computations. This reduces the processing burden and the infrastructure cost of the hardware required to run complex analyses

Disadvantages:  We think that this level of service has no disadvantages!