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BioDatomics is a highly functional software tool for bio-researchers who are involved in the “omics” field of scientific research.  The "omic sciences" include fields of study in biological research that are concerned with the interactions between complex living entities. These can be a species, a population, an individual, cells, proteins, RNA, and DNA.  This research takes into account a number of factors related to the environmental and ecosystem.

Primary contributors to the BioDatomics platform include:

Maxim Mikheev M.D. Ph.D.

CEO and founder of DIS, Dr Mikheev has been contributing to scientific advancement in the field of molecular biology for over a decade. His qualification highlights include;

  • Ph.D. and M.S. in molecular biology, M.D. in clinical and laboratory diagnostics
  • 10+ years of molecular biology experience, DNA sequencing, cloning & computational analysis
  • 2+ years of experience in proteomics, including LC/MS/MS
  • 5+ years of experience in computer modeling, high throughput computer modeling, and software development for cluster with MPI and OpenMP protocols
  • Partnered in the development of BioUML in both a development and project leader role

Fedor Kolpakov Ph.D.

CSO of Biodatomics and a Director at the Institute of Systems Biology, Dr Kolpakov is the principal architect of the BioUML platform and is a specialist in data management and technology solutions, Qualification and career highlights include;

  • Ph.D. in mathematical biology and bioinformatics, M.Sc. in molecular biology
  • Specialist in data management solutions and information technology management
  • systems (including architecture, database development, deployment, and support)
  • 10+ years of experience with high throughput methods including microarrays, Chip-Chip, NGS, for data processing, quality analysis, and compliance with data standards.

Tagir Valeev Ph.D.

Lead developer and researcher from the Institute of Systems Biology, Dr Valeev has been involved in the cutting edge analysis of gene expression data. Dr Valeev was also instrumental in the development of bioinformatics solutions including BioUML, geneXplain, & ExPlain software.

1.     Ph.D. in Computer Science

2.     7+ years of experience in bioinformatics

Nikita Tolstykh M.Sc.

Currently Lead developer and Project Manager the Institute of Systems Biology. Nikita Tolstykh was instrumental in the development of BioUML platform and associated bioinformatics solutions.

  • M.Sc. in Computer Science
4+ years experience in bioinformatics

Our software is aimed at (but not limited to) those research in

  • Genomics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
BioDatomics has been evolving for over 10 years and has been available to researchers since 2003 via the BioUML software which we made available online. We have now reached the stage where our software has become a universal solution to many of the problems facing research scientists in the omics field. Our platform has been many years in development with an open source version having been available since 2003. 

The BioDatomics platform of today is much improved, including hardware and software solutions to the latest challenges on high volume biological data handling and analysis. The range of tools alone makes this platform the most powerful of its type in the world; add to that the advanced hardware configurations and the result is a software platform that outperforms the alternatives and in many cases there is no alternative.

Future Development

Our goal is make BioDatomics platform the top informational platform for biomedical research in the world. For this purpose, it will be significantly extended and improved during the project whose future development will include:
Improve adaptation for cluster environment
Integrate over 100 third-party tools into the platform as plug-ins 
Provide many predefined workflows for data analysis 
Improve user interface and data visualization tools
Provide integration with specialized application stores to allow the purchase of subscriptions for commercial plug-ins and data analyses services.

Our goal is make BioUML platform the top informational platform for biomedical research in the world.
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